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Nayobe (Nai*O*Bee)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Nayobe / 16 Years Old / "Your mind is a powerful thing. Thinking and questioning made a lot of things possible. Think about it."

"Sometimes things are quite easy to figure out and then you can see the results in the blink of an eye. I can try to avoid the negative results and try to move people away from it, but in the end, I know it's going to happen anyway. I can't stop what's already in motion."

Hello, my name is Nayobe; I also go by Obe, Obert, Ob, Obedaiya-Reminaiya-Seminaiya (Orese for short if you want, or I can go by one of my character's name, NayNay (or Nay). I'm a self-taught artist aspiring to make a career out of drawing and animation. I who want to talk to me, then go ahead; I love to chat ^U^ My favorite animal group are ungulates, or hoofed-animals. My top ungulates are sheep, goats, deers, and buffaloes.

:bulletblue:My Goal: To become an animator/concept artist; To inspire people; To help those in need of comfort
:bulletblue:First Language: English
:bulletblue:Languages I Can Understand/Speak:Spanish (Español)
:bulletblue: My YouTube
:bulletblue: My Tumblr
:bulletblue: My Art Blog
:bulletblue:My iScribble is Hamtaropashy (My most used nickname is Obeyania or Nayobe)
:bulletblue:I do have a Skype
:bulletblue: I have a twitter, Obeyania is NOT my twitter

I am the senpai to :icondaajey:

A Bunch of Nerdz

Personal Quote: There is always a reason behind everything. Remember that. -Nayobe

:bulletblue: FAQ'S

What do you use to draw?
I use a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet

What programs do you use to draw?
Paint Tool SAI and Gimp ; The programs I used I ALWAYS in the artist comment below the picture

What type of things do you draw?
I draw animals, humans, cartoons, probably practice backgrounds every now and then.

Are commissions/art trades/requests open?
Read the Art Status above this box to figure it out, okay? C:

Who's your fursona/persona?
I don't really have one anymore. I can't really make one since I end up giving them their own stories away from my own. You know, make them independent? But NayNay has been here for years now and I'm probably more know as her than any other character. I draw Napo when I want something happy/bubbly/cute. Ania is obsolete, but I'll draw her from time to time. Other than that, I have nothing official to represent me.

Where else can I reach you out of DeviantArt?
Tumblr or Skype. I always check my Tumblr, but never my Skype though, unless someone tells me to. I cannot give out my email though xP

Who/What is your inspiration that got you into drawing?
Whoo boy, I had many inspirations, mainly people I found through YouTube back then and TV shows I watched. What really got me into drawing was a cute little hamster show called Hamtaro, mainly Hamtaro.

Can I talk to you?
Sure, you can talk to me about anything C: I hope I don't seem as unapproachable >A<

Why does NayNay's color looks different/more brown-orange in your final picture than her original colors?
Adding effects and textures. I keep effects to a minimum, but I change the color tone often to fit the background or mood of the picture. I like warm or purple moods UuU

NayNay's Colors?
Base (Light Cream) : f2d7a3
Pelt (Pale Brown) : c8936b
Feet, collar, tip of ears & tail (dark grey) : 0b0b0b
Eyes and Nose (Brown) : 552c00
Paw Pads & Claws (Grey): 6a6a6a
Yup yup
School by Nayobe
Monday 10 Aug, 2014, school starts for me

It's the big Senior Year and I'm taking classes online via K12 until October, where I will then switch to an independent school to finish the remaining credits. Hopefully it will result in an early graduation so that I can focus on college later on. I just really want school to be over with so that I can become independent and face the risks and benefits that comes with adulthood. I may be busy because I'm trying to apply myself even more in school and I won't have to worry about socializing for the most part, not that I don't like to socialize, it's just been hard for me, but I'm getting there ^^ School from Pre-School to now has never been 'awesome' for me so hopefully college would open new doors.

I might also be busy with looking for (a) job(s), jumping into my other hobbies (anything away from the computer) and trying to just get out there more. I'm also going to work on animating considering the Channel Frederator offer and my dream college, as well as my own artwork; for personal and business aka selling artwork custom or fan-work, probably via Etsy soon.

Also, commissions were closed, not sure if people noticed the red dots on my front page. I did get some commissions and accepted them, mainly because they seemed pretty easy to complete and I'm a butt because I get scared attempting to say 'no' sometimes. For now, I took down the commission widget to avoid any other pending so that I can have my full focus on the ones I have now and to hopefully not get side tracked from my school studies.

With all this said, I'm really looking forward to the future and I should really go to bed now. Gotta wake up early and start.

ANOTHER NOTE, if I'm not active here on DA, I will be most likely more active on my Tumblr. It's dumb but there are links on my front page; an Art Blog and a Personal Blog, view your poison. Ehhhhh I'm done now.


I also want to thank everyone for watching me, supporting me, and liking my work here. I've come a long way and I am really happy ;U; May the future lead more new things for all of us!~

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I sent an angel to watch over you last night but it came back.
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Ten of them are sleeping, Ten are playing, one is reading this message.
Send this to ten friends including me.
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Amazing art
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can draw my oc rainbow spark in a art trade?
Nayobe Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I'm not doing art trades right now >~<
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Could you tell me when you are?
Nayobe Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Since I'm going to be busy for the upcoming months, maybe in August
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Sieemcia Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
can i use this drawing for the avatar in the some forum?…
Nayobe Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I rather you not considering Na'mi is my own fursona character to represent myself >3< Thanks for asking though!!~
Happy B-day. :D
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